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There's Strength in Collaboration

There's Strength in Collaboration

“Women need other women in their lives who think they are a big deal. No competition, no backhanded comments, no jealousy, no hate, just ‘I love you, I support you, and there is no one on earth like you’ kinda energy.”

Another one-of-a-kind collaboration

I hope these two gals know how big of a role they both play in my story. What was the catalyst that really kicked Desert Canary Design? It was when Casey Curtis Designs redesigned and revamped my incredibly outdated logo and turned it into something I am extremely proud of. She's such a fantastic artist, and I am forever grateful that my dad made sure our paths crossed.

Casey is the owner and designer at Casey Curtis Design, a fusion of high-fashion and cowgirl style. Casey's collection is high-class fashion infused with the old west. Bold statements for women that march to the beat of their own drum and whose fashion choices answer to no one. I am honored to design for cowgirls. Casey believes that a woman's scars make her beautiful; everywhere she is broken, her light shines through.

When Casey let me know she was in Texas. Collaboration was a no-brainer. It was the perfect opportunity to make Kristi another showstopper. We created a custom design featuring my Brazilian leathers and custom upholstery designed paired with Casey's amazing custom leatherwork artistry.

Kristi’s pictures have quite literally changed my life and my sweet little business trajectory.

And anyone who knows me knows how much Kristi Bracewell Photography, Texas means to me! I don't know what I would do without her. Her pictures have quite literally changed my life and my sweet little business trajectory. We have been friends for well over 15 years, and it brings me so much joy that our careers allow us to work together and spend so much time together.

Kristi of Kristi Bracewell Photography is a proud Christian and family woman. She's also a very talented family photographer. Most shots are taken at her place in Bedias, where she uses many of my Desert Canary Designs for her props.

We had a blast playing dress-up and putting together the "Drama Queen" and taking pictures of the three of us cowgirls together! And to play dress-up with my gal pals for a photoshoot. I can't think of anything more fun than working with these ladies! All three of us are blessed to have our own unique artistry that plays well together!


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