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This Serape Couch From Desert Canary Design Has A Special Story

This Serape Couch From Desert Canary Design Has A Special Story

This is my first big custom piece back since I lost my dad the beginning of this year. I haven’t said much publicly about it, but he went into the hospital New Year’s Day with COVID, and very unexpectedly passed away seven days later on January 8, the day before my baby girl’s first birthday.

My dad and I were very close, so naturally I was crushed.. and desperately needed something to distract my thoughts and keep me busy. The only place in the world I found any peace was within the walls of my shop, but turns out it’s extremely hard to create in color when you’re feeling nothing but grey on the inside.

I turned all my attention to building my benches. The familiarity of my old routine was incredibly comforting and peaceful, and I’ve made so many I can basically make them in my sleep.

The last four months have been nothing but benches, and I kinda started to panic thinking I had lost “it” because color combinations and design just weren’t coming to me like I was used to. I was really struggling to put anything together that excited me.

But then this guy rolled up on my schedule. And for the first time in a long time, I had an extremely clear vision for this piece. When all the different textures and colors that I envisioned pulled together for a beautifully designed and balanced piece, I was overcome with a sense of joy and even relief to know that “it” was still floating around somewhere in there

I still very much miss my dad. Like everyday. And when I catch myself not missing him, I feel guilty. It’s a stupid vicious cycle. But I will say. I sure do hope someone misses me as much as we miss Rick McCumber when it comes my time to go be with Jesus.


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